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How was Dreemer born?

Dreemer was born out of both passion and pain. The pain of experiencing the undesirable and often devastating effects of lack of sleep on baby’s and adult’s mental and physical health and the passion of knowing and helping others realise that this pain is mostly avoidable. Even as new parents, sleep is not just a dREaM.  

Meet the Founder

IPHI Certified Sleep Consultant

Like you, Snigdha had well-meaning family members and friends telling her to "sleep before the baby arrives as you wont sleep well for two years"  but it didnt help her feel any less tired or anxious. 


With a history of her own sleep issues, she was no stranger to sleep deprivation and was determined to find a better way for herself, her baby and family. 


Poring over books, old and new and online resources along with the help of a sleep coach, she navigated the tight-rope between optimal sleep and cultural prejudices to finally have a happily sleeping baby.


Her experience and professional background is precisely why she empathises and understands how challenging it is for modern parents juggling work, spending time with family and other priorities to deal with lack of sleep on top of it all.  



It is with this mission to help parents enjoy every moment of their first few parenting years, that Dreemer was started. Snigdha/Dreemer takes on very few clients to ensure each client and their goals get undivided attention.

At Dreemer, Snigdha specializes in pregnancy sleep coaching, newborn and baby sleep coaching, and toddler sleep coaching services.


Our Holistic Philosophy

Sleep is complex. Child sleep is even more complex.

It wasn’t always complex.

But humans got industrialized and so did our sleep. Sleep was no longer simple and as automatic as it should be.

Irrespective, sleep remains as fundamental and as essential as breathing and eating and children do not need to be “taught” or “trained” how to sleep. 

There are just certain factors which get in the way of optimal and developmentally appropriate sleep and if figured out and solved, then the child can and should sleep well.

At Dreemer, we are detectives first and sleep consultants later figuring out the various pieces of this complex puzzle helping the entire family unit to DReEM on!

Book your FREE 20 minute initial consultation to learn more about Dreemer's sleep coaching services and how we can help your family achieve healthy sleep


At Dreemer Sleep, we are dedicated to helping families achieve optimal sleep. We prioritize cultural sensitivity and work with families from all backgrounds, specialising in Asian families

Don't just take our word for it - read what our satisfied clients have to say about Dreemer's sleep coaching services below

Neha, Raahil's mum

“She has compassion for her clients and is there to support them. She calmly answered as many questions as we had during our messages regularly to check in.”

Jessly, Jazyr’s mum

“(the most valuable aspect of Snigdha’s services were that) she considers and identifies other factors that could affect the behaviour (of the baby) rather than just fixing schedules.”

Kaustubh & Ankita, Advay's parents

“We were happy with the support provided by Snigdha.  She even suggested techniques that we as parents could implement to lower our stress. She also helped us manage our baby's travel schedule”

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