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Welcome to Dreemer, your Child and Maternity Sleep Coach

Are you struggling with lack of sleep and a child who doesn’t sleep enough but you don’t want to resort to sleep training and “cry-it-out” methods?


What if you could get better sleep for everyone without any such drastic and emotionally exhausting methods?

Welcome to Dreemer where better sleep isn’t just a dREeM! 




About Dreemer 

Meet Snigdha, the Certified Sleep Consultant behind Dreemer

Dreemer was founded by Snigdha Nahar, an IPHI (International Parenting and Health Institute) certified pediatric and maternal sleep consultant, trained lawyer, MBA, and mother of an adorable toddler.

After experiencing initial challenges and finding early success through a consistent approach with her own child's sleep she discovered the power of sleep coaching and made it her mission, alongside her day job, to help other families overcome their sleep challenges. At Dreemer, Snigdha takes a holistic approach to sleep coaching, prioritizing the understanding of complex factors that affect sleep.

 Our Services

At Dreemer, we offer a range of services to help families achieve healthy sleep habits for their children. Our sleep consulting services include the following:

Sleep Patterns Evaluation and Scheduling

Whatsapp and email support

Custom Sleep Plan & Troubleshooting

Home Visits 

Child Sleep Environment Assessment

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